Black Bear

North Carolina Black Bear Hunting is quickly becoming one of our most popular guided hunt packages. North Carolina has a strong black bear hunting heritage dating back to colonial times. The North Carolina black bear population is at an all time high. Year in and year out, record black bears have been taken throughout the state of North Carolina. Currituck is no unknown county for the North Carolina black bear. Fourth Generation Outfitters has 5,000 acres for black bear hunting, some of which borders a bear sanctuary. Sanctuaries allow populations to grow strong while providing great hunting opportunities on the surrounding areas.

North Carolina Guided Black Bear Hunts

Due to abundant agricultural crops and more stable food resources, the average weights of Coastal bears exceed those of Mountain bears each year. During the 2003-2004 black bear season, North Carolina produced 48 bears in excess of 500 pounds on the Coast and 6 bears over 500 pounds in the Mountains. The Coastal region continues to develop a reputation for trophy-quality bears. We offer hunts over food plots and well used paths. We can accomodate black bear hunts from box stands and ladder stands in well designated areas. We hunt over food plots of standing corn, soybeans, and chickory. Baiting is not allowed in North Carolina for bear. We hunt from stands only, no dog hunting. We also have 4 acres of black berries to hunt over. We offer both 3 and 6 day North Carolina black bear hunts and even cater to optional combination packages. Call today to book your North Carolina black bear hunt with one of our experienced guides. As always, call early as these hunts fill up quickly.


The 2009 Black Bear Season is from
November 7-14; December 14-26.

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